A nutmegger is a nickname given to the residents of the State of Connecticut. According to this Wikipedia article, Connecticut was known as the nutmeg state before it was dubbed as the Constitution State in 1958. I came across this name while playing Trivial Pursuit with my friends. I actually love the name because it is so much easier to say frickin nutmeggers as opposed to frickin Connecticut drivers. I know it might sound harsh but those of you who have lived in Connecticut for any part of your life would know what I am referring to.

You actually do not need to live in Connecticut at all. If you have ever driven through the Merritt Parkway, you will see all the symptoms of a Nutmegger. One of the distinguishing quality of a nutmegger is randomly hitting on the brakes for very little or no reason. While nutmeggers are not afraid to put the pedal to the metal, a drop of rain on the windshield could bring down their speed considerably while people from other states would just turn on their wipers and slow down just a tad. The other thing that distinguishes nutmeggers is the sense of entitlement of the left lane irrespective of their speed on the highway. In fact, some nutmeggers love to drive at the same speed as the person on the right lane but feel that it is much better idea to block all the people behind them rather than them moving over to the right lane.

Among nutmeggers, there is a completely new breed that is the Fairfield County nutmegger. These are a sub class of a nutmegger who illustrate all the above qualities with greater consistency along with some more specif characters. Fairfield County nutmeggers are known for their complete lack of concern about others on the road illustrated by the fact that they have no problems turning on their brights and keeping them on even when there is oncoming traffic. The best symptom on a Fairfield County nutmegger that does not relate to driving though, is the fact that an inch of snow predicted gets the entire town into the local grocery store preparing for, what in their heads is, a disaster of huge proportions.

So there it is. I have been meaning to vent about this for a while but if it wasn’t for the discover of the word nutmegger, I would not have been able to come up with this post.


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