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What’s up with sudden obsession with Pirates?

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That was the question that was posed by a co-worker today that got me thinking. Off the top of my head, it seemed to me that the reason there is an obsession with Pirates, at least in the geek community, is because Pirates are so different in their ways from regular folks, a scenario that maybe the geek community relates to. Then another co-worker suggested that maybe its because Pirates, like any other creation of fantasy genre, are automatically deemed fascinating.

Since I was running time consuming queries at work, this gave me a perfect pass time in between queries. So I decided to look around and see if I can find anything on the topic. The only thing that I could find that was remotely substantial was this thread. The initial poster of this thread also confused why “a bunch of murderers, rapists and thieves, who robbed many coastal settlements of their goods, women and children.” Responses ranged from jack Sparrows unparallelled coolness (and sexiness for some) to the pirate language.

The question this raises is that is it ok then to ignore the atrocities that pirates have caused just because their speech and mannerism are considered cool? I do not know the answer to this but I sure would love to hear from people on what they think about this issue.


Written by tundal45

October 24, 2008 at 6:51 pm

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