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Going home (Nepal) is always a grounding experience that lets me get in touch with not just my roots but also with my priorities, duties, responsibilities and such. If it was not so expensive to go back, I would go back every year, not just for the all the fun times with family and friends but also to keep myself in check and stay focused on my numerous goals. However, with the gas prices as high as they are, airlines are not going to cut down on international flight pricing anytime in the future. So the only other alternative is to be more organized.

I know my track record in terms of organization is bleak at best so this is definitely a challenge. However, with duties, hobbies, work, personal growth, health and a better future in mind, I have decided to embark on this attempt to behave more like a grown up in hopes that I can get my health, finances and other aspect of my life in shape. Acquiring a free blackberry 7290 device and the offline tools (I do not want to get a data plan unless I buy an iPhone in the future) has definitely helped me at least set reminders for numerous things (a QWERTY keyboard is so much better than cell phone keypad).

I will keep everyone updated on how this goes. If nothing, the pressure to update the blog with the progress will probably make me stay in line. Wish me luck and if anyone has suggestions that will help me achieve these goals and increase productivity, I would love to get some feedback in the form of comments in the blog.


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July 31, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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